5 ways to kick start your New Year’s resolutions – By Zeina Soueidan

5 ways to kick start your New Year’s resolutions – By Zeina Soueidan

Have you started a New Year’s resolution only to give up on it a week or two later? If your answer is YES, then you are certainly not alone! This post is about setting the stepping stones to your success in accomplishing your goals.

On top of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions, is losing weight and exercising more. However, when we put way too broad or far reaching goals, we see ourselves giving up before we even start! 

The key to success is in the preparation process for that journey, finding reasonable achievable targets, and not being too hard on ourselves while working on them.

Here are Right Bite’s Top 5 recommendations to use as pillars for reaching your ultimate goals:

1- Keep a diary

Until you are really conscious about your habits and choices, you won’t be able to make the change. A diary of eating, exercising, and sleeping habits helps pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, document progress and see results on paper. You will be able to take the necessary actions accordingly.

2. Take baby steps

 By setting up small and short-term achievable goals, you will see faster results and get more encouraged to persevere. For instance, rather than focusing on the end result, think of the ways to help you reaching your targets.  From there you can reevaluate, and set forward new reachable targets.

3. Make it a habit

Any change needs time to settle in as a habit. Give yourself at least 3 weeks of staying in a particular healthy routine until it becomes a nature to you.

For example, if you are usually a breakfast skipper, make a conscious decision to eat something at the same time every morning and then work on making sure it’s balanced.

4. Find a buddy

When you have a partner in meal planning or exercising, you encourage each other to commit to that particular plan. Having a partner pushes you to perform better and to look forward to your next events together, even though your workout might differ.

Also, if you are both on a food meal plan, then arrange to have at least one of your meals eaten together.

5. Evaluate the importance of that goal

Ask yourself how much you want to get to your destination and think of the way it will make you feel just by getting there. Once you realize its priority, you will work harder for it. 

Keep reminding yourself of how well it feels to be fit and not have to breathe hard every time you get up the stairs. Always, remember the energy you had when you ate well balanced meals.

 Just remember that your health matters and we at Right Bite are dedicated to helping you throughout your journey to a healthy lifestyle.                     


Good Luck and Happy New Year!


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