Back to Basics! Packing a Healthy Lunchbox

Back to Basics! Packing a Healthy Lunchbox

Packing a healthy lunchbox everyday for your child can be a challenge, yet with these simple tips, you can make their lunchbox both creative & nutritious!

  • Get your Child Involved! Ask them to help in preparing their own lunchbox and what they would like to eat during break and do include some of their favorite foods
  • Each lunchbox should include a source of complex carbohydrate (e.g. whole wheat bread or crackers), lean protein (e.g. chicken breast, tuna), and a dairyproduct such as milk or yogurt as well as vegetables and fruits
  • Alwaysincludebottledwater in their lunchbox. Limitjuices, even if freshly squeezed                                                               
  • Make the lunchbox different every day! Leftovers can always be a great way to enjoy hot food instead of always sandwiches
  • Limit the amount of sweets, chocolate and chips. For healthier snack options, include mini cereal boxes (unsweetened), plain popcorn, baked chips, rice crackers or vegetable crudités
  • Make the lunchbox colorful! Include at least 1 portion of fruit such as a banana & cut-up veggies to increase your intake of vitamins, minerals, & fiber
  • Use a leak-proof cold or ice pack to help keep the food cool!


Did you know?! Right Bite’s Mighty Lunchables program is aimed just for your little one! Packed with nutrition and loaded with taste and flavour, this program is designed for children and adolescents whereby a lunchbox is delivered to their doorstep during the school week to ensure they are getting the right nutrition whilst at school. To find out more, please contact our customer service on 04 338 8763. 

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