Fad diets and why you shouldn’t follow them

Fad diets and why you shouldn’t follow them

As a dietitian, I’m always asked about recommendations for fast weight loss. People hear about fad diets everywhere, from TV, radio, social media or celebrities and are eager to try the next hot diet. Those fad diets that claim “miraculous” results might show you weight loss in a short time, but the weight creeps up fast enough leaving your health in jeopardy. We at Right Bite advocate a balanced, well-rounded and healthy lifestyle, free of dieting, that includes eating nutritious meals with a variety of food, and adding exercise as a necessary part of our lives.

Below are 4 signs that tell you it’s a fad diet:

1) If it promises large weight loss in a short period of time. This is definitely a no-no as rapid weight loss would be mostly water weight and does not give a chance for the metabolism to adjust or your healthy habits to be stabilized. Most people end up gaining all the weight lost so soon after stopping the plan.

2) If it eliminates one or more of the food groups. We need to supply our body with various macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and fats and micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals that are nutritious and protective for our bodies. Each food group is specific in supplying one or several nutrients not found in the others and necessary for our daily functions. By eliminating one group, we put our health at risk.

3) If it requires utilization of pills or supplements. Many products are found in the market that promise to cut your appetite and melt the fat away. Those are unfounded in research and could cause you detrimental side effects. Unless you learn how to eat healthy and balance your food intake, there will be no magic pill to help you in the process.

4) If it requires no exercise. Any diet that suggests you to be sedentary will be harmful to your health. Even though weight loss is mostly done by controlling your food intake, exercise is critical to increase your metabolism, strengthen your muscles, alleviate your mood and promote good circulation for proper delivery of nutrients. Also many researches have proven that the inclusion of exercise helps with managing conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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