Fit in Body, Fit in Mind! Fun Activities to Boost your Kids Fitness!

Fit in Body, Fit in Mind! Fun Activities to Boost your Kids Fitness!

Healthy kids = Healthy generation.

While it is a phrase that is often said, heard and repeated, we can’t help but emphasize its importance, since many studies tackle the influence of children’s surrounding and environment in shaping their health. Fighting childhood obesity could be done in the most graceful ways possible with the right combination of fun activities and good nutrition which can boost their motivation and keep them fit.

Getting your kids to be active while skipping video games can be smartly done by incorporating fun recreational activities! It is also a great chance to discover a hobby or passion for sports that can go along with them till their adult years.

Looking for fun activities in Dubai to get your kids moving? We just chose a list of top places to try out:

1. My Gym

Dubai’s most famous kids-only gym provides various facilities to help children develop from all aspects. Fun weekly classes range from music, dancing, games, gymnastics and sports which will enhance their strength, flexibility, and put them in that all-smiley mood!

2. Bounce

Getting your kids jumping on an actually trampoline is certainly more pleasing that jumping on your home couch. With Dubai’s biggest trampoline park, It’s easy to enjoy jumping & playing a wide variety of sports on a trampoline, lots of fun is guaranteed! It is also a great chance to strengthen family bonds.

3. E-sports foot club

Do you have a son who’s a football fanatic? E-sports foot club is your go-to place, being one of the leading foot ball academies in the +Middle East that provides a holistic approach to develop your child's football skills.

4. Just Dance

I mean, who doesn’t like to move-it move-it? Urban energy’s street dance classes will have your kids sweating in no time without having to feel like it’s an exercise!

5. Gymnastics at Fit Republik

A bit of gymnastics to improve kids flexibility will do a great deal of difference in their fitness levels! Fitness Republic’s gymnastic classes are taught by professional instructors to trust your kids with. Pass by Nathalie's cafe for a nutritious post-workout snack!

6. Ice-skating

Dubai mall’s ice-rink is guaranteed to give your kids the all-winter feels and should be perfect for a fun ice-skating session whether it’s winter or summer, your kids will be burning that guilty cookie without feeling like it’s a workout!

With these various fun kids’ activities, it’s easy to skip that hour of TV whilst investing in your child’s time wisely. Setting stones for a healthy future generation is essential and is made possible with the right lifestyle routine and nutritional plan. Healthy is fun, healthy is happy!

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