Lemon Heart Recipe

Lemon Heart Recipe

For the occasion of Valentine’s Day & the month of February which is Heart Month, we will reveal the secret of making homemade & guilt-free lemon hearts!

This low-fat, low-sugar & low-calorie dessert is ideal for birthday parties for your children and a perfect treat to prepare on Valentine’s Day for your better half, making sure you are keeping them healthy.

Lemon Hearts

A heart shaped crumbled lemon pastry garnished with a dried lime slice and raspberry

Ingredients (makes 12 pieces)

   1 cup White Flour

   3 table spoons Brown Sugar

   2 table spoons Margarine Butter

   1 whole egg

   ½ cup Sugar

   1 tea spoon Baking Powder

   1 pinch Salt

   1 Lemon

   1 Lime Fresh

   12 pieces Raspberry Fresh

   Icing sugar For Garnishing


Method of Preparation:

Mix the flour, sugar, margarine and salt to make the crumble and arrange on a flat tray.

In a mixing bowl, whip the egg and sugar until fluffy, then add lemon juice to the mixture.

Pour over the crumble and bake at 170 °C for 30 min.

Let it cool & place it in the fridge for 3 hours

Cut into heart shapes using a pastry cutter.

  1. Garnish with a dried lime slice and 1 piece of raspberry
  2. Dust with icing for decoration.

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