Why I love being a mom-preneur

Why I love being a mom-preneur

Entrepreneurship used to be a man’s domain, but there’s no denying the fact that women have also successfully created their mark in the same landscape.

At home, women are the bosses. We take full responsibility of running the house, not daunted of doing hard work or taking on multiple tasks, and we are very determined to get the job done at all times, yet can be patient enough when the situation calls for it. Truth is, we have all the qualities to succeed whatever human endeavor we choose to take on… running a business included!

This, and knowing that a lot of women have gone before me – hopeful and courageous in the face of adversity – I knew I had to realize my dream of running my own business. So in 2004, after a successful career on one-on-one counseling on health and nutrition, I started Right Bite with the aim of helping people eat better and become healthy. More than ten years have passed since, I am now happily married and blessed to have two beautiful daughters and Right Bite is still successfully helping more people lead healthier lifestyles. Raising a family and running a business at the same time, it has indeed become more challenging now that I am a mom-preneur. But I couldn't be happier about it!

In honor of International Women’s Day, I would like to share with you my thoughts about work-life balance, finding personal-professional happiness and realizing your dreams. If you are thinking of starting your own business or making a vision a reality, read on as I answer some of the most common questions asked about being a mom-preneur. I hope I can somehow inspire you to rise above and make your own mark!

What motivates you to be a mom-preneur?

Wanting to continuously grow and create an impact, make a difference in today’s world. I started my business prior to having a family, with the goal to help make the world a healthier place through nutrition education and providing the convenience of eating healthy. Motherhood didn’t affect my growth, it actually gave me a different edge to my perspective of life and work. The business world also helps me grow and learn more things for the betterment of myself and my family. Today, I have two daughters; my first-born is now 3 and a half and I see how she loves talking about mom’s work and she wants to be like mom when she grows up! Hearing that is all the motivation I need sometimes ☺

How do you balance business and parenting?

Dedication and planning. I organize my day to ensure I am there for the important things for my family, and work is always scheduled around this. Having a great support system both at work and in my personal life makes a huge difference. I am blessed with people I am surrounded with.

What are the main challenges of being a mom-preneur and how do you address them?

The main challenge is not having time for myself and fighting off the guilt when not with the family or not at work. With time, I started to learn to deal with this feeling and make sure I focus my efforts on the kids when I’m with them, and on the team and the business when at work. Once the kids are asleep I finish off what I have pending. In line with this, the other challenge was having the energy and time for myself after such a long day. It’s equally important to make sure you take care of yourself .You need to be good as an individual to be the best person possible for your family and your business.

What are the best lessons so far being a mom-preneur has taught you?

Be mindful of the time you are spending. Focus your mind and energy on the people you are with at that time to get the most of the time spent with them. Always make sure you balance yourself in the struggle to find balance with work and family.

What would you say to other mom-preneurs out there looking for support and encouragement?

There’s no magic formula that makes things easy and will keep you happy, productive and motivated. Be confident, follow your dreams, and focus on quality time and not just the quantity of time spent. No matter how hectic the schedule, you should always aim for a great time with your family and a great time for yourself. That’s what will keep you motivated.


Nathalie Haddad

Nathalie Haddad, Founder and Managing Director, The Right Bite Nutrition and Catering Services L.L.C.

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