My Favorite Fitness classes in Dubai – by Riham Shamseddine

My Favorite Fitness classes in Dubai – by Riham Shamseddine

Being a working mom for a 2-year-old little girl has never been easy. With all the work load and motherhood calling, incorporating downtime and taking breaks into my days were necessary. I found out, working out is my best remedy for stress-filled days!

Not only did workout help me get back into shape (after I sweat with my Personal Trainer to shed off the 22 kilos that I have gained throughout my pregnancy), it also made me feel better after every session and got me back on track to my healthy lifestyle, this backed up by my meal plan, which has always been balanced and controlled.

It is true that 80% of your abs are made in the kitchen and 20% are made in the gym, but that does not make us ignore the importance of the 20% when it comes to increasing your fitness levels and burning the extra fat.

Physical activity is very important to maintain a good health and prevent and control diseases like hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, regular exercise improves the mood, helps you lose weight, sleep better and exposes you to more social events. Although I am a big fan of having a personal trainer – as it was one of my best motivators – I also have couple of favorites when it comes to fitness classes that are becoming more popular here in Dubai. The list is too long but here are few:


1. Physique 57 Barre Class (beginner, signature & amped-up)

Whether you are a beginner or a barre fly regular, you will enjoy the 57 minutes of this combined cardio and strength workout. It allows you to use your own body weight as a resistance and work out all your muscles. It could be very intense but you will feel great after that; and especially if you do at least 8 sessions, you will be able to notice great results!


2. L’Atelier Aqua Fitness

I have clients who swore that it was the best workout, so I said, why not give it a try? It is a very intense workout and what I liked about it is that you don’t feel the intensity of it because of the fun and the engagement… and the music is so entertaining! The aqua biking is a very good spinning workout, and considered to be a good cardio as well as strength exercise. It’s 45 minutes of absolute fun!


3. Bounce Dubai

Nothing better than going back to your childhood days when you used to jump on the bed, and this time you are allowed to relive such fond memories – only better – as it’s even more fun and exciting jumping on a trampoline! This workout improves your balance, coordination, strengthens your muscles and helps you burn fat. The great thing is that children over 3 years old are also allowed and can enjoy getting the energy out.


Doing regular physical activity is not limited to subscribing to a gym or joining a fitness group. It is good to remember that a number of everyday activities, if done correctly, can help us burn calories. You can start by increase your step count by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or even walking your dog, which I love to do, after a long day at work.


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