Post Holidays Cleansing Tips - By Danya Nasser

Post Holidays Cleansing Tips - By Danya Nasser

An extra serving of cheese cake, morning toffee nut latte, or burgers with medium size fries, each of these festive splurges add up to our post holiday weigh in when we come to look at the scale with an eye closed.

Jeans not fitting and constant bloating? No worries as these are the most common post holiday signs! That’s when you know it’s about time to get back to healthy eating, the soonest!

As we start a new fresh year, setting up health resolutions is bound to be on top of our lists when planning to kick start new health habits. This requires dedication and a well planned regimen to make sure you reach your goals.

Here are Right Bite’s top handy tips we’ve compiled for you to get back on track in no time! :

1- Down-size your plate

Choose to have half a portion plate instead of a full one, this will save you a whole lot of calories. Sometimes we consume extra calories just because the food is in front of us while we are actually feeling full already!

2- Control your environment

Keep a stock of healthy food at home; you’re less likely to go for healthy food when you don’t have access to chocolate & crisps in the kitchen cabin!

3- Don’t skip your breakfast

You should eat breakfast so you’re not tempted by that piece of donut or chocolate at the office. Skipping breakfast usually backfires and causes over-eating later.

4- Eliminate desserts

Cut down on sugars for at least 3-10 days, this will help reduce your sweet tooth cravings allowing you to opt for more fruits and vegetables

5- Choose high-quality protein foods

Eating high quality lean protein options as well as fat takes a long time to digest; therefore, as you are digesting your food, your blood sugar levels remain steady during the whole process. Your appetite is satisfied and you are no longer hungry!

6- Don’t drink your calories

Cut down on juices, soft drinks and energy drinks. That is where empty calories go. Instead quench your thirst with water with fresh cuts of fruits and lemon slices.

7- Swap desserts with fresh fruits

Nothing beats fruit sugars from Mother Nature

8- Snack healthily

Healthy midday snacking will help curb your appetite for junk food

9- Eat your greens

Leafy vegetables are ideal for weight management as they are typically low in calories, and also high in hearty vitamins and minerals

10- Enjoy a light dinner

So you don’t go to bed feeling too full and heavy, nothing like a flat morning tummy!

11- Get your 7-8 hours of sleep

Studies show that getting adequate hours of sleep help in maintaining a healthy body weight

12- Work it out

A good sweat is an ideal way to expend extra calories, be it dancing, gym, and yoga, whatever it is, keep it moving!

With this post holiday cleanse tips, fitting back into your jeans should be easy, getting a little bit naughty with holiday treats is okay, so as long as you’re back on track the earliest, it’s all about balance!

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