Smart swaps that will save you a whole lot of calories!

 Smart swaps that will save you a whole lot of calories!

When going on a diet, it’s easy to unconsciously pack extra calories without realizing how everything we put into our body counts, whether it’s drinks, snacks or even mini bites that don’t seem as much.

Somewhere along the journey to fitness, you might find that the weight is hardly changing, and this is when it’s time to re-asses your nutrition plan. Are you eating right? Are you mindful of what you eat? Are you having the right portion sizes? Are you choosing the best of healthy options?

Below are some smart food swaps we compiled to help boost your fitness progress this summer!


1.  Try scrambles eggs for breakfast instead of low fat muffins

Even though low fat items claim to be healthy, they can actually pack just as much sugars.

Ditch the sugars and choose to have eggs instead since they contain protein and are more likely to fill you up.


2.  Swap that frappuccino for a black coffee

A cup of frappuccino has an average amount of 240 calories which is equivalent to that of a wrap (Apart from the non-nutritive 49g sugars), whilst a cup of black coffee has only 2 calories.


3.  Skip the Caesar wrap for a hearty salad instead

When we say “Wrap” it always sounds like a light version of a sandwich.

However, depending on the dressing and amount of ingredients, a wrap could easily pack up to 500 calories especially if it contains high calorie ingredients such as mayonnaise or high sugar dressings. Choose to have salad instead and up protein by adding grilled chicken or salmon, include healthy carbohydrates such as Quinoa or cousous, and use low-fat, low sugar dressings.


4.  Smart snack substitute: Greek yogurt & fruits instead of flavored yogurt

Depending on the type of flavored yogurt you’re buying, some might have the same amount of sugars as a chocolate bar. Lower sugar intake by choosing Greek yogurt and add natural sugars from fresh fruits itself.


5.  Healthy dinner option: Zucchini zoodles instead of pasta.

If you want to lower the amount of carbohydrates in your dinner meal, zucchini zoodles does it so effortlessly. One cup of zoodles has about 35 calories and 8 grams of carbohydrates while a cup of pasta has 200calories and 45 grams of carbohydrates.

Not only are zoodles considered as a lighter option, but they taste really good!


6.  Skip the juice for water

A cup of fresh juice on a hot summer day is no doubt, so tempting, but you’ll get second thoughts when you know it might have 4 servings of fruit (Which is more than what we actually need in a day). Save the sugar and have flavored water instead!



Mindful eating is an essential ingredient when it comes to reaching you health goals and little swaps make a big difference ☺

Opting for the right food decisions will make it easier to reach your destination, but most of all, it becomes part of your lifestyle when you fall in love with the results!

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