Sometimes we all need a little detox!

Sometimes we all need a little detox!

“ I need a vacation after the vacation”! How many of you can identify with this sentence? Ah summer… so good to take time off, unwind, recharge, connect with family and friends, and explore new cultures and destinations. Often though, you find yourself overindulging with food and drinks and skipping on exercise. You end up treating yourself with sweets or high fat food, and find out after that the waist line has expanded, putting you in a panic mode or regret that throws off all the fun time you had.

When you detox you get yourself back into good habits or healthy routine, and you stay away from foods that tend to be high in fat and sugar and chemicals replacing them with highly nutritious items that help your body repair itself.

Here are some tips on how to get back to your healthy routine of good food and exercise, so you can remember the good times without regret.

1. Start with baby steps. It becomes overwhelming when you put a task too hard to accomplish, so breaking it up into small parts can help make it easier to complete. For example, instead of planning to restart exercise 5 days a week for an hour each time, start by 3 days a week for a half hour each and then build upon it.

2. Rehydrate your body. Water is king. It is the key to get your metabolism to work properly and help get rid of toxins. Plus it gives the skin the glow it needs and protects it from chaffing in this heat. We need about 8 glasses of water a day or 2 liters minimum, as requirements increase in exercise and heat.

3. Load up on fruits and vegetables. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that help fight free radicals that damage the various cells. Also keeps a healthy digestive tract and nourishes your hair and nails after being beat up by the sun. 

4. Stay away from meat for few days. Add on more vegetarian options like beans, lentils and various grains like millet and quinoa to your daily meals. They are low in fat and rich in proteins. Also don’t forget to get fish often, as it’s high in omega 3 oil that protects cell membranes.

5. Take care of your emotional and mental health. Even though you just arrived from vacation, sometimes the toll of family duties and running around from place to place could leave your body and mind drained. Get a body treatment like a massage or a scrub that can help relieve some of the stress, or do some yoga or meditation to help you clear your mind and recharge your energy.

6. Get enough sleep. Studies have shown the importance of getting good sleep. It helps your brain function properly and prepares you for the daily tasks that include making the right decisions in your daily life. One of those decisions is making healthy food choices and controlling portions. Aim for 7-8 hours nightly.

Our Heart Beet recipe is nutritious, light and will surely help boost those energy levels and your mood! 

 Put all ingredients in a blender and add ice cubes as needed, blend at high speed and enjoy!

Finally, when you need support, reach out to us here at Right Bite Nutrition Center and speak to one of our dietitians regarding getting back on track. You can sign up for our special detox plans that promise to be nutritious and varied and just plain good for you.

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