The Busy Business Traveler’s Guide to Keeping it Healthy!

The Busy Business Traveler’s Guide to Keeping it Healthy!

The Busy Business Traveler’s Guide to Keeping it Healthy!

A lot of our clients find it difficult to stay healthy on tight schedules that require a lot of traveling. The time difference, client entertainment, long working hours, physical exhaustion, and tempting restaurant food are what pose the challenge.


If traveling or dining out has set you back in relation to your healthy habits then try these tips to stay on track:


Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

There is no doubt that the airplane air, cabin pressure and altitude affect your body water balance. If you have dry mouth then your taste buds are affected, especially the salty and sweet taste and you may end up adding a bit more salt than needed or craving more sugars. Without your minimum of 8 glasses a day, you might have constipation, dry skin, and overall discomfort.


Move regularly

While on the plane, it’s important to do frequent walks or simple stretches in your seat to give your blood circulation a little boost and keep your body from pumping blood from your legs back to your heart to avoid symptoms like swollen legs, tension in your muscles, and more seriously the risk of a blood clot formation.

Once you land, choose a hotel with a gym facility or walk frequently to keep your metabolism going to help burn all those extra calories you’re about to indulge in!


Sleep or meditate

Try and get some sleep on the plane so you can arrive to your destination refreshed and energized. Sleep helps balance the hormones that help control your appetite, mood, and blood sugar levels so get yourself a good neck pillow and even an eye mask and snooze away. If you really can’t sleep, use the solo time to meditate!


Make better food selections

Since you will be eating at restaurants, the quality of the food is not really in your hands. You can still make better food choices from the menus and always ask for adjustments.

Restaurants are usually very good at accommodating clients. Order lean, grilled protein with the sauce on the side and some grilled or steamed vegetables. And if the restaurant is really not willing to accommodate your request, then just eat half of your plate!


Timing is everything!

With time differences you might stay long without food or eat at times you don’t usually eat. If you keep in mind to eat no longer than every 4 hours, then you can control your hunger and blood sugars. Aim for 3 main meals and 1 to 3 snacks of fruit, vegetables or some nuts. These are usually easy to grab and keep in your briefcase or handbag.


Finally, enjoy your trip and take advantage of where you are! Explore the surroundings, taste something new and don’t stress out.


Yours in health,


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