Top 5 reasons to include spirulina powder in your diet

Top 5 reasons to include spirulina powder in your diet

Green powders are the latest nutrition craze and for a good reason. They have superfood properties and they help you to naturally detox and cleanse the body, thus enhancing overall wellness.

That is why we see a lot of green automatically translated to being healthy and nutritious. For sure you’ve had days when you get a pretty green smoothie bowl that you can't help but take a picture of and post it on social media with the hashtag #GreenPowerhouse, or when you feel like detoxing and substituting your usual peanut butter oats and milk with a good green juice.

For a greater understanding on green powders, we take a closer look at one of its most popular forms – Spirulina – no doubt, today’s hottest green powder!

So what exactly is Spirulina?

It is a form of cynobacterium that grows naturally in salt water lakes & oceans, or simply the blue green algae that you see floating on water.

Spirulina is either consumed as a powder, usually added in smoothies and juices, or taken as a supplement. Spirulina is known for its rich nutrition value; in fact, it has played a significant role in combating malnutrition in under-developed countries.

Here are top 5 reasons to include spirulina as part of your daily intake:

1. Spirulina is rich in protein

Spirulina is 50-70% protein in its dry weight form as opposed to red meat, which offers only 27% protein. Being highly concentrated with protein, Spirulina is a great alternative for vegetarians to meet their protein intake.

2. May reduce blood pressure

Studies show that spirulina helps in reducing blood pressure levels since it triggers and supports blood vessel dilation and relaxation.

3. Spirulina helps in reducing inflammation

Due to its anti-oxidant properties and the ability to produce nitric oxide, studies show that it may help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improving lipid profiles.

4. May have anti-carcinogenic properties

Studies show that spirulina helps in increasing the production of antibodies and other cells which enhance the immunity and reduce infections which might lead to cancer.

5. Spirulina may help in controlling blood sugar levels

A study which has been done on 25 patients who have type 2 diabetes has shown that those who consumed spirulina had a significant reduction in blood sugar levels, where HbA1C (A marker of blood sugar levels) decreased from 9% to 8%. According to studies, 1% reduction in blood sugar levels can lower the risk of diabetes related deaths by 21%.

With all these benefits, a nutritious diet rich in antioxidants is indeed a must. Incorporating green powders in smoothies and juices might help in enhancing the nutritional value in terms of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients. Drink your greens! :)



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