Vegan Diet Cons and Pros

Vegan Diet Cons and Pros

Vegan Diet Cons and Pros



A vegan diet is a diet that is free from all animal products derivatives such as meat, dairy products, eggs, and honey.

It is true that more and more people are turning vegan to take a stand against animal cruelty and exploitation.

Also, veganism supports the environment as there is a long process from farm to fork from feeding the animals to transportation to actual food processing.

But what are the health pros & cons of going vegan?

Health benefits of going vegan:

It is believed that a vegan diet prevents dysbiosis or what is known as the imbalance of the gastrointestinal tract function and the increase of harmful Gut bacteria.

The GI tract is stressed and affected by the following:

 - Refined foods and sugar

 - Excess fatty foods (mainly animal products are the highest in saturated fats)

 - Food chemicals, pesticides (involved in the food processing of animal products)

 - Processed food items (dairy products and ready to eat meats & poultry)


A well planned and balanced vegan plan, or a plant-based plan can be a good substitute for the animal-based plans, and can be rich in Iron, Fiber, and important nutrients.
It is also rich in antioxidants which fight illnesses and diseases, including cancer.

Also, it is known that a vegan plan helps with the detoxification of the GI system by consuming of what we call least congesting food items like:

 - Fruits & Vegetables

 - Whole Grain

 - Nuts & Seeds

 - Buckwheat & whole-grain rice

 - Root vegetables


The more congesting food items include fats, fried food, milk & Dairy products, meat, and eggs.

The downside of veganism:

If not done properly, veganism can be one of the causes of obesity as the consumption of refined grains, sugars, baked good increase in substitution to animal’s products, thus can lead to the buildup of toxins.

Veganism can also affect some nutrients absorption like Vitamin B12 and can lead to B12 deficiency anemia, as the primary source of Vitamin B12 is animal products. Veganism is not recommended for children and young teenagers. It is always better to take the advice of a healthcare practitioner before deciding to change any of our eating patterns.

Yours in Health,
Riham Shamseddine

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