What can I drink other than water?

What can I drink other than water?


We all know the importance of staying hydrated and the need to have 6-8 glasses of water daily. We also know that our body is composed of around 60% water, a vital fluid to our cells and that water is necessary for thermoregulation, is a carrier of other nutrients, and an eliminator of waste. But do all our sources of liquids have to come from pure water?

The 6-8 glasses was formulated non- specifically for all age groups as an average but does not take into consideration the needs of athletes or during pregnancy, and our body’s need in sickness. (Please refer to your healthcare professional for YOUR specific needs and requirements).

Carbonated drinks are generally not encouraged as they all tend to have additives, non-nutritive ingredients, and unhealthy sugars. Drinks with added caffeine should be limited as caffeine is a diuretic and thus could end up dehydrating you by drawing water out of the body.
So how do you stay hydrated if you don’t like water?


1. Homemade infused waters

This tops our list! Adding fresh fruits like berries or citrus, some ginger or fresh herbs, is a great way to give your H20 a little kick. Let the fruit soak for a bit and add some ice before serving.


2. Hot or iced teas

There is a array of flavored teas with herbs, spices, fruits, and even flowers. Brew yourself a proper pot and enjoy it hot, or iced! A little honey is okay, just make sure you don’t add any sugars or sweeteners.


3. Coconut water

Rich in potassium, minerals and super hydrating, coconut water is another nice flavorful alternative to plain water. It also contains natural sugars and a cup contains about 50 kcal, so it’s not to be consumed excessively.


4.Soy, oat, and rice beverages

Available in most supermarkets nowadays, these “mylks” are usually fortified with added vitamins and minerals and make for a good substitute to your regular cup of milk. Again watch out for added sugars and choose the ones with the lower calories.


5. Hot infusions

Skip the coffee and ask your barista if they have any special herbal infusions or order a Café Blanc (hot water with orange blossom essence), a Canarino (hot water with a lemon rind) or simply hot water with a piece of ginger! And if you love food as much as we do, you here are a few water packed snacks you can munch on!




Yours in health,
Zeina Soueidan

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