What is balanced mom?

Match the ever-changing food moods of pregnancy in a healthy way with Right Bite’s Balanced Mom program. It’s nutrition and taste just as you like it. With this program, moms ensure a healthy pregnancy, and Right Bite will be there to help you get back into shape after the little one arrives make sure you’re getting the right nutrition

Nutritionist Designed

Clean and healthy eating based on the fundamentals of a balanced diet and personalized for you throughout your pregnancy and post delivery.

Unmatched Variety and Flexibility

8 week rotating menu with over 20 choices per day, all perfectly balanced, calorie controlled and delivered fresh to you.

Ongoing Support

Nutrition coaching and follow up from trimester to trimester and after the baby arrives.

WHY balanced mom?

Dietitian designed and customized for your wellness goals

This plan is about more than just weight-loss, it’s about healthy eating,preventive medicine, education and feeling your best and healthiest self! Our licensed dietitians find out what you need and design the best plan to meet your goals.

Supercharged clean eating

Using only the freshest ingredients, our meals are loaded with the vitamins and minerals your baby needs to develop throughout your pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Meals are complemented with plenty of yummy and supercharged snacks to keep you energized and help control cravings.

Unmatched variety and flexibility and support

Customize your plan to fit your lifestyle and choose between our full, AM OR PM Packages. Our 8 week rotating menu will keep you motivated throughout the pregnancy and leave you spoilt for choice. You’ll also be assigned a client service representative to follow up with you on your appointments and your menus, delivery route, travel schedule and ensure that you are fully satisfied with the Right Bite experience.