Terms & Conditions


To best enjoy your experience, please take some time to read the below terms and conditions.

What’s in the bag?

► All your meals are prepared fresh daily, using all natural and wholesome ingredients, personalized to meet your needs and preferences.

► Your food will be delivered fresh daily, in 1 of 2 cooler bags assigned to you. Upon receiving your cooler bag, kindly place all your meals and snacks in the fridge to maintain optimum quality and freshness. Please follow our reheating instructions, whenever appropriate, to best enjoy your food. Bon appétit!

► Occasionally, the food containers might get damaged during transportation and food quality may be compromised. In such instances, please do not consume the damaged meal; instead call us immediately and we’ll try our best to send you a replacement meal.

Smooth operations; a few requisites we ask of you…

► Please make sure you choose your menu online by Monday of each week. Should we not receive your selection by COB on Monday, our system will randomly choose on your behalf and no further changes will be permitted for the week. Alternatively, you may also send us your weekly selection with our delivery drivers, by email or fax, or choose your menu with your dietitian or CSR anytime before COB Monday. 
We highly recommend you choose your menus online and on time to avoid any disappointment or errors.

► Each client is assigned 2 cooler bags. Each day, kindly return the empty cooler bag to receive your second, freshly refilled, cooler bag. 


► Clients may choose various delivery addresses.

► Changes to delivery locations are permitted but must be requested 2 working days (48 hrs) in advance in advance for Dubai deliveries. All other delivery change requests will be evaluated case by case depending on location and time of request.

► Delivery timings will be assigned by our logistics team and you will be given a 3hr window.


► As part of your active package, you get 2 complimentary consultations with the dietitian – an initial assessment as well as a follow-up session to make sure you stay on track!

► Your subscription is valid for a period of 90 days from your package start date. You may put your package on hold at anytime during these 90 days but please note that all your days must be consumed within the 3 month period and that remaining days, if any, cannot be refunded. Should you wish to stop your package mid way, you may transfer your days balance to a family member or friend.

► To put your package on hold and/or resume your subscription, we require a notification period of 2 working days (48 hrs) in advance in order to make all the necessary changes.

► Please make sure to renew your subscription 2 working days (48 hrs) before your current package ends to ensure uninterrupted and timely delivery of your meals. Renewal payments can be made online, at the clinic or via bank transfer. If payment is not received, meals cannot be delivered until the amount is settled in full and delivery may only resume after 48 hrs of receipt. 



► A cooler bag deposit of 100 AED is required upon signing up to any of the packages; this amount is to be refunded upon the expiry of your subscription and only when the 2 cooler bags plus ice packs are returned to Right Bite in proper condition. Please note that the cooler bag deposit will be refunded within 90 days of your last subscription; should we not receive the cooler bags in due time, the deposit will be forgone.

► All payments are non-refundable; with the exception of the cooler bag deposit as mentioned above.


Discount on Renewal















► We reserve the right to offer special promotions on occasion with different terms and conditions than the ones stated above without prior notice.

► Prices and menus may also be subject to change at our discretion, without prior notice. 

► Weight loss is not guaranteed and will vary for each client based on individual weight, metabolism, age, activity level and commitment to the plan.


These terms and conditions relate to your use of our services “Meal Plans“. We may change, update or amend these terms and conditions from time to time. Please feel free to contact us on 04 33 88 763 or at info@rightbite.com  should you have any questions or concerns.